Best Water Purifier Brands in India 2018 – Reviews

Are you looking for best water purifier brands in India? In recent times, Water purifier has become too much needy not only home appliance but also the office, industries. They use purifier for reducing numerous water-borne diseases. Water purifier removes harmful germs and elements like impurities, microorganisms, chemicals and ensures pure-clean water.

Water purifier is a worthy investment so you have to choose the right one. But in recent times market is flooded with the various number of water purifier brands and it is really hard to find best one. Some factors which are kept in mind that are durability, replacement parts after cost, Price, after sale services, features etc. We try to make your task easier; we have made a list of best water purifier brands in India.

Top 5 list of best water purifier brands in India

Kent – Best Water Purifier Brands in India


Kent has earned a lot of trust by providing people quality water which ensures that it’s safe and clean water. Kent is now leading water purifier brand in India. Kent exports to Nepal, Kenya, Bangladesh and many other countries.

Wall Mounted purifiers, UV purifiers, Gravity Based UF purifiers and much more range of categories provided by Kent. Some of the most selling variants from Kent brand are Kent Gold, Kent Ultra, Kent Prime and Kent Supreme.

Aquaguard -Water Purifier Brand in India


Aquaguard has taken the second position at our top 5 water purifier list. This is the oldest water purifier brand in India and also dominated this sector for a long time. Aquaguard has been founded by a water purifier brand of Eureka Forbes and a healthcare products company since in the year 1982.

This brand comes with HD-pro, Intelligent Auto Fill system, Intelligent Alert Interface and Silver Surely Technology features which catch consumers’ mind. Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV, Aquaguard Reviva, Aquaguard Magna and Aquaguard Eterniti are the most selling variants by the Aquaguard water purifier.

Pureit- Most Selling Water Purifier Brand in India


Pureit water purifier is a part of Hindustan Unilever and one of the most selling water purifier brands in India which presence in more 8 countries in the world. The most selling pureit water purifiers are – Pureit Ultima RO+UV, Pureit Classic, Pureit Advanced and Pureit Marvella.

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Electrolux- Best Technology Water Purifier Brand in India


Electrolux water purifier has used some good technologies; they have used UF Process, Mineral control technology and Double purification technology which makes this brand unique and best which available in the market. That’s why they are taking the fourth position in our Best 5 water purifier brand list.

Sterling, Ace, and Vogue these models are available in the market from the Electrolux brand.

Livpure – Water purifier brand in India


Luminous Water Technology Pvt. Ltd. Introduces with Livpure water purifier brand which provides a complete solution to consumers. Some state-of-art technologies are used by this brand which is UV, UF, and RO for purification which ensures safe and clean water.

Livepure PEP, Livepure Magna, Livepure Envy Plus and Livepure Touch 2000 Plus are some of the models of Livepure water purifier.

Here we have the short list of top 5 best Water Purifiers Brand in India, I hope you guys can Figure it out which brand will be part of your so far future home appliance. I think you should also check Best Gas Stove in India; this article. Don’t forget to share your view and recommendations.

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