New Nokia 4G feature mobile phone in India 2018 Details

Nokia recently tries to give a tough challenge to their competitors by launching their new Nokia 4G feature mobile phone which is support Volte. Nokia will soon release this phone in India at an affordable price. Before launching Nokia’s 4G feature phone, Jio had to sell a million pieces of JIO Rs. 1500 feature phone in very short time.

After watching JIO’s success on 4G feature phones some local mobile brands and telecom companies have started working on it. Indian popular telecom brands Airtel has also announced about their new Airtel 4G feature phones which will cost just Rs. 2000 to Rs.2500 with good feature & specifications. Lava and Idea also try to manufacturing 4G button mobile like Nokia 3310 or else.

Nokia 4G Feature phones

According to some rumors from the trusted source, we know that Micromax and Bsnl are working together for manufacturing 4G feature phone which also known as “4G button mobile” to cover India mobile market and the phone will be known as “Bharat”.

Nokia 4G button phone will come with strong feature and good specifications. Nokia is very popular for their feature mobile-phones. In 2018, Nokia has released in India some new feature phones named Nokia 3310, Nokia 150 but none of these phones have 4G Volte support. Nokia is now planning to launch Nokia 4G volte support feature mobile phone in India.

Nokia 4G Feature Mobile Phone Price and Specs

4g Yes
Volte Yes
Jio Sim Support Yes
Screen Size 2.4 Inch display.
Touch No
OS Not Confirmed

Nokia is still alive in million people’s heart because of their best quality old mobile phones. A few years back they lost their millions of customers by taking wrong decision launching Windows OS based smartphones, that time Android OS based mobile phones were getting popularity. In 2017, Nokia has released some new Nokia Android phones in the Indian market, Nokia 3, 5 and 6. They are getting huge success in launching these phones in India. Now they are planning to launch Nokia 4G nontouch phones. Intex 4G feature phones come as named Turbo+ 4G Phones which is “Kai” OS based, 512 MB RAM that was first seen in JIO 4G Volte phones.

Nokia 4G Feature Phone Price: it’s a feature phone though it has 4G Volte supported phone, the price is expected 2000 Indian Rupees. The price will be average in that range as I mentioned though you choose the various color.

Nokia 4G Feature Phone Release Date: Nokia has not officially announced Nokia 4G feature phones release/ launch date. They just announced that they are working on 4G Volte support feature phone which directly complete with JIo phones.
Expected Features and Specifications

Nokia 4G feature mobile phone comes with the t9 keypad so that will surely give you old school feelings. :-* But you can enjoy super-fast 4g internet speed in this phone and also video calling. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

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